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Dried passion fruit wholesale (Producer Vietnam)
$2/kg FOB  
Wholesale price
from $5.30/kg
Олмиш Азия Фуд, LLC, RU +5 ads
Dear partners! Our company Olmish Asia Food is a manufacturer and exporter of dried caramel passion fruit from Vietnam. We suggest considering...
Brewers grains, dried (dry residues of brewing manufacture)
Wholesale price
from €160/t EXW
Аниховский С.Г., SP, BY
Brewers grain, dried. Dry residues of brewing manufacture (barda), in bulk or in the form of pellets. Made in Belarus. The terms of delivery are...
Beam - sawn timber, dry beam.
135/cu m FCA
Log House, LLC, UA +2 ads
Our company is engaged in woodworking since 1992. Manufacture is located in Ukraine (Central Europe). We offer high quality beam of pine, oak and...
Laboratory drying oven LabExpert
Wholesale price
€470-984/pc FCA
Химлаборреактив, LLC, UA
Wide range of different modifications of laboratory drying ovens of LabExpert TM. We are looking for distributors in EU. Please contact us to get...
Dried pepper
6.80/kg EXW  
Wholesale price
from €6.80/kg
Sell! Sweet red dried bell pepper, Size 8x8mm, 10x10mm in a warehouse in Uzbekistan, In double (or by your any choice) plastic/paper bags weighing...
Board oak, beech, ash of those. drying 8-10% moisture
1,500/cu m FCA
СКМ-Строй, LLC, BY
The organization sells a board of oak, ash, beech, pine, spruce, alder, birch, natural moisture and technical drying with a humidity of 8-10%. Any...
Gypsum board, Gypsum powder, Gypsum plasters, Dry mortars
Price on request
Erisim, AS, TR
Dear Sirs, We would like to share you a shortly information on regarding to Erisim A. S. company. Our company is Erisim one of the biggest...
Fruit, berry taste sugar «Raduga»
2.64/kg EXW  
Wholesale price
up to €2.64/kg
IDS - Intrepid Dorich service, LLC, UZ
Fruit, berry taste sugar «Raduga» Our company «Intrepid Dorich service» offer you Universal & unique product In 3 times sweeter than regular...
Dry brewer's yeast
1/t EXW
Dry brewer's yeast is a unique product that contains up to 40-55% of high-quality, complete, easily digestible protein, which includes 17...
Price on request
Джи Ес оф фуд технолоджи, LLC, UA
Our company is a direct producer of dry egg powder feed. the quality of the product is confirmed by analyzes of state laboratories. protein 48%,...
Fruites from the foothills of Turkmenistan
Wholesale price
from $0.70/kg EXW
Tasin Halka, SP, TM
We offer you ecologically clean and non-GMO apples grown in the foothill region of Turkmenistan. Without the use of any chemistry, the most...
Wholesale price
from €600/t FCA
Агора Интернешнл, LLC, UA +1 ad
We are offering worldwide supply of the wooden briquettes of the “Pini & Kay” type and charcoal from the “Pini & Kay” briquettes. All our products...
Egg Powder (WEP), (EYP-F), (EYP), (EWP-GF), (EWP-HW)
Wholesale price
€4,490-5,984/t DAP
SNGroup, LLC, UA
Buy from us today Food safety and High-quality Pasteurized Whole Egg Powder (WEP), Pasteurized Fermented Egg yolk Powder (EYP-F), Pasteurized Egg...
Peat moss for growing seedlings
Price on request
EcoPeatMix, LLC, RU +3 ads
The pressed peat moss briquettes (tablets) is manufactured for growing seedlings of various vegetable, flowery and decorative cultures under...
Unedged sawn timber, pine
Wholesale price
€170-200/cu m FCA
Выблов С.А., SP, UA
Sale of dry unedged timber pine, in Ukraine, as well as for export on FCA terms. The company sells on a regular basis sawn dry pine radial sawn...
Sweet and juicy Peach, Nectarine and Cherry time.
Wholesale price
$1.60-4.20/kg EXW
Stone Fruits are ready to be exported from Turkey all over the world. Sweet and juicy Peach, Nectarine and Cherry time. MOQ by air cargo 2...
Cashew nuts
$600/metric ton  
Wholesale price
$500-550/metric ton
Ess-Food, GmbH, Berlin
Available in different grades, Cashew Nuts come in different size packaging. The Cashew Nuts are well acknowledged for their freshness, long shelf...
Amber Oil
Amber Protect, SP, RU
AMBER OIL product of deep processing of amber obtained in the process of dry distillation of a mineral. Amber oil is an innovative product that...
Wood, timber, lumber, hardwood
Price on request
Petroleum Operating, Branch, KZ +1 ad
Sell timber from the producer wholesale. We offer for sale coniferous and deciduous timber. We carry out drying of timber to transport...
Wooden house set
Price on request
Суриков А.Н., SP, RU
Hello, We offer wooden house sets ready for installation. Size of profiled beam: 90x145; 145x145; 145x185; 185x185mm Moisture: natural /semi dry/ kiln...
The charcoal kiln “UMT-3 Plus Auto”
$47,300/pc FCA
Импекс Трейдинг Продакшн, LLC, UA +1 ad
The charcoal kiln “UMT-3 PLUS AUTO” has all the unique qualities installations series "UMT". But in this model we have provided not only enhanced...
Design for office, bank, restaurant, bar, beauty salon
Price on request
PrivateHouse, LLC, BY +4 ads
Quickly and qualitatively we will develop the design project for office, bank, restaurant, bar, beauty salon and other premises. If necessary, we...
Knee brace support
14/pc EXW
Latesco4happy, OÜ, EE
Knee brace wearing easily including reinforced double stiching and strong velcro closures. You able to exercise, workout, play a sport or enjoy...
Oak, beech and birch boards and beams
Wholesale price
€200-1,100/cu m FCA
Томиники, LLC, RU
Dear colleagues. Our factory produce oak boards and beams of natural moisture by specification customers. We can also produce dry furniture...
Manganese lumpy ore
Price on request
Arion Company, LLP, KZ
Commodity: Manganese lumpy ore Origin: Brazil Quantity: according to Buyer's LOI Price CIF: USD /MT Delivery term: CIF Sea Ports ASWP Terms of...
Grain washing, hulling and separating machine Ladia DR
Price on request
Normit Food, S.R.O., SK +3 ads
Wetting and washing grain is a process done to prepare it for milling. When wetting is carried out, physiobiological processes take place in the...
Wholesale price
from €155/t FCA
Лидер Эксим, LLC, UA
We, the lider exim lls as a seller, with full corporate responsibility, confirm that we are ready and able to sell the next product for...
Pencil slats Linden and cedar
Price on request
Cedar Rus, LLC, RU
The organization is as follows: the organization produces and sells a pencil slats made of Linden wood, cedar according to the size of the...
Apple Ligo from Poland // Export
Wholesale price
from €0.20/kg
Frutline, Sp. z o.o., PL +2 ads
We are a wholesale Polish company. The main activity, export of fruits and vegetables, to any country in the world! We are attentive to the...
Wooden pallets
5/pc FCA
Олпалети Україна, LLC, UA
The main type of pallets of our production is EURO pallet with size 1200mm×800mm×145mm (31.50”×47.24”). These pallets are produced according to...
Cuttings for shovels, rakes, brooms, and more.
Price on request
Черевко А.О., SP, UA
The manufacturer sells cuttings for shovels, rakes, brooms, and more. Material - linden and alder. Shanks planed and dried. Large...
Price on request
Кузбасская..., LLC, RU
Ethylene Propylene Polyethylene polypropylene linear alpha-olefins monoethylene benzene high pressure...
Pallet, lumber, spruce / pine / planed, circular saw, FSC
Wholesale price
€145-280/cu m FCA
Ukrwoodprom, LLC, UA
Board pallet, bar (pine) grade 1,2,3 mix The board is a dry planed pine, a bar. Saw dimensions, mm: thickness 15-150 x width 65-250 x length...
Biohumus / Vermicompost / Natural fertilizer
Price on request
Export Support Centre, CE, UA
I would like to offer you natural organic humus fertilizer for your business, that will exceed your expectations of the soil fertility. Our...
Glued beams floor board calibrated beam block house
350/cu m  
Wholesale price
€300-320/cu m
Франк-Вуд, LLC, UA
The company FrankWood LLC has production capacities in Ivano-Frankivsk in Western Ukraine. Thecompany is processing loca lraw ecological wood...
Unique dryer
Price on request
Hargita Wood, Kft, HU
Our professional and commercial representation is provided of biomass dryers with outstanding properties. The first dryers put into operation...
$102/t FOB  
Wholesale price
Petroforce Trading and..., JSC, RU +1 ad
Grade of coal tomssh moisture max 9,4%, ash max 15,5 %, the yield of volatile matter on a dry ash-free state 9-14 % sulfur content 0,56 % net...
Bog Oak, board
Wholesale price
from €2,800/cu m
Вековой Лес, LLC, RU
The bog oak is unique material and has no analogues. Its formation takes place hundreds of years, and the result is amazing. The bog oak is...
Sealant two-component (polysulfide) for double-glazed window
1.75/l EXW  
Wholesale price
Tioseal, LS, TR
We send you the technical data of products to review our products. If you are interested in these products, we will be happy to send you any...
Logs, board from Russia wood
Price on request
Беляев В.В., SP, RU
The manufacturer from Russia produces and sells edged Board, not edged, dry, raw . Oak beech ash. Caucasus.
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