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Technical specialist in Berlin

I am looking for a job in Berlin, Berlin, full time
Ильючик Александр Михайлович
Ильючик Александр Михайлович 37 years old, Usinsk, Russia, incomplete higher education
+7 (912) 552-XX-XX,

Work experience

Mechanic for repair of technological equipment and Oil pump station operator
17 years 1 mo. Jun 2003 - Сurrent time
17 years 1 mo. Jun 2003 - Сurrent time
About the company: Transneft, operates in the field of transportation of oil and oil products via the main oil pipeline. Official website: transneft.ru
The company has very high requirements for professional training. The process of transporting oil is quite science-intensive and taking into account the physical and chemical properties of oil, the company's facilities are dangerous production facilities. Accordingly, much attention is paid to technological safety, labor protection, industrial and fire safety. Regularly, once a year, employees confirm their qualifications by passing the exam of the company's Commission. The company also conducts training in specialized training centers every three years. The facility where I work is located on the territory equated to the conditions of the Far North, in the Republic of Komi, Usinsk.
The technological process goes round the clock, and the pipeline stops only for scheduled operations.
I work at a pumping station as a pump station operator now.
An oil pumping station is a site object that includes a complex of buildings, structures, devices and systems that ensure its safe and reliable operation, intended for performing technological operations for receiving, storing, accounting and pumping oil.
Work experience: from 2003 to 2008, I worked as a mechanic for repair and adjustment of technological equipment.
Performed the following functions: Installation, adjustment, maintenance and repair of the main and auxiliary equipment of the station. Auxiliary equipment: these are systems (oil pipelines, ventilation, water supply, pipelines, and pipe fittings) that are necessary for the safe operation of the main equipment. The main equipment includes centrifugal the main pumps of the Nm type with a QH- characteristics of 2500 * 230 M3 / h. the power is 2.5 MW, the voltage class is 6 kV. To ensure high reliability of the facility, the power supply to the oil pumping station is provided by two independent power sources. Voltage class: 10-6-0, 4 kV. Hardware management is automated using emicon and iconics software, and the system has a three-level structure. All systems have an automatic reserve.
Maintenance and repair of the equipment is carried out in accordance with the regulations and the developed technological map.
Since 2008, I have been working as an oil pumping station operator. Perform direct control of the object, providing the technological mode in accordance with the plan. I need to know mechanics, electrical engineering, automation, and hydraulics.
Perform the following functions Operation of the station's equipment and systems. Performing operations for receiving, accounting and pumping oil through the pipeline. Monitoring, Recording of controlled parameters of the station equipment (temperature, vibration, pressure, gas content, etc.) in the event of an emergency, make a quick and correct decision and prevent the development of failure. Updating of operational and technical documentation. Control and accounting of repair and construction works as part of the reconstruction of the object.

Incomplete higher education

Ukhta state technical University, USINSK
Operation of industrial facilities of the oil and gas complex. (engineer)
Sep 2018 - Сurrent time
Usinsk Polytechnic College, Usinsk
Technician-technologist for the extraction of oil and gas
2 years 9 mo. Sep 2012 - Jun 2015


English - basic

Additional information

As for my health, I want to note that I have no health problems, no bad habits, such as Smoking or alcohol.
About family: my son is 5 years old. his wife, Yulia, is also a technical specialist who works for the company as a commodity operator (accounting for the quantity and quality of oil in an oil production company).
Interests: issues of technology, architecture, and linguistics .

certificate operator pump station - (oil transportation via a main oil pipeline)
Mechanic's certificate for repair of technological equipment
Certificate of maintenance of hazardous production facilities.
Certificate of auto repair mechanic.
Driver's license for vehicles of categories A. B. S.
Certificate of the mechanic on repair of load-lifting mechanisms.
Working with Microsoft Office.
Knowledge of English at the "Intermediate"

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