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Selling an Angarsk larch board
 240-250 /cu m wholesale
Профснаб, LLC, RU Berlin, DE
Moisture 18% Length 6 meters variety 1-4 GOST 26002-83 rama P63
Price not specified
Синтеко, LLC, UA Berlin, DE
Guten Tag. Firma Syntheко Ukraine verkauft: Holzkohle, nicht eingefasstes Eichenbrett , Balken und Schwellen aus Eiche , Eiche Lamellen, Eichenparkett Rohlingen, Eiche und Kiefer Pellets, Briketts
Isolierender Ziegelstein
 0.50 /pc
Architek Future, Sp. z o.o., PL Berlin, DE
Herstellung von feuerfesten Materialien nach festgelegten Parametern. Der Feuerfeststein besteht aus fünf Typen mit einer Anwendungstemperatur von 1260 ° C bis 1760 ° C. Feuerfeststeine ​​werden aus
LDPE film, reprocessed
from  1.21 /kg wholesale
МиДи-Групп, LLC, BY Berlin, DE
We produce and sell high quality LDPE film, reprocessed, 35-150 µm, width: 45-1350 cm.
 0.71 /pc EXW   
 0.69-0.70 /pc wholesale
ВикШир, LLC, UA Berlin, DE
Paprikapulver "Espana pequeño" ist eines der beliebtesten Gewürze in Spanien. Dieses Produkt ist so universell, dass es für alle Gerichte und Getränke geeignet ist. Ja, es sind Getränke mit der
2 Monate alter Welpe zum Verkauf
 300 /pc
Муравський М.В., SP, UA Berlin, DE
2-Monats-Welpe zum Verkauf, 1 umfassende Impfung, Dokumente, Veterinärpass. Versandkosten werden individuell berechnet.
Aerodynamic grain separator
 20 /pc   
 1-10 /pc wholesale
Вентум Агро, LLC, UA Berlin, DE
The company-manufacturer offers the Aerodynamic grain separator. Separator makes cleaning and calibration of cereals, legumes, vegetables, melons, fodder crops, as well as all kinds of loose
Price not specified
Рецикл, LLC, RU Berlin, DE
Im Jahre 2010 haben wir einen prinzipiell neuen Biokraftstoff „Permskoje“ entwickelt. Wir verarbeiten die Öle nicht wie Gegenunternehmen, wir verdünnen diese mit einer billigen niederviskosen
Plastic injection moulding
Price not specified
Легпромразвитие, CJSC, BY Berlin, DE
Company "Legpromrazvitie" was founded in 1991 as a high-tech diversified enterprise. The company is producing for a big variety of industries, from simple house hold equipment to complex technical
Charcoal briquettes for barbecues
Price not specified
Соколовский А.В., SP, RU Berlin, DE
Our company( Enterpriser Anatoly Sokolovsky,  Perm, Russian Federation) produce charcoal briquettes for barbecues from seeding of birch coal (up to 200 tons per month) рacked in big bags of 450-500
Zinc 66
 300 /g CFR
Энерго Формат, LLC, RU Berlin, DE
Manufacturer, direct supplier! Ladies and Gentlemans! FCO - (Full Corporative Offer)Our company is able to deliver to your address the following products, namely: The chemical properties of the
 0.85 /kg EXW   
from  0.80 /kg wholesale
Сезам, LLC, UA Berlin, DE
Good day My name is Arkadii I’m export manager of famous Ukraine company “Sezam”, we are producer of confectionary items such as: halva, treacle-cake, Turkish delight, toffee, peanuts in sugar and
Laboratory water bath LabExpert
Price not specified
Химлаборреактив, LLC, UA Berlin, DE
Wide range of different modifications of laboratory water baths of LabExpert TM. We are looking for distributors in EU. Please contact us to get an offer.
Schmiedeeiserne Laternen Handarbeit.
Price not specified
Железный стиль, PUE, BY Berlin, DE
Schmiedeeiserne Laternen Handarbeit. 5 Lampenschirme an der Halterung. + Cast Säule in der Höhe von 4 Metern! Alles farbig, Glas eingefügt, vorgestreckt Draht! Feedback: Mobil Viber; E-mail:
Wood for pallets
Price not specified
Акустик Проект Групп, PUE, BY Berlin, DE
We constantly sell wood for pallets 3/4 grade, sizes17-25 * 85-100 * 600/800/1000/1200. Without bark, from a freshly sawed forest, disk sawing. 60 euro / m3. Up to 120m3 / month.
Price not specified
Ertegi, LLP, KZ Berlin, DE
Ertegi LLP sells hard wheat, flax seeds and rape seeds. All wheat, flax seeds and rapeseeds are laboratory tested for quality and class compliance. North Kazakhstan region is a producer of
Price not specified
BEKOS doo, GmbH, Berlin
Our company Bekos doo Belgrade cooperates with many producers of wood pellets from Ukraine and Serbia. We are able to provide you best possible service at low price. We can deliver to your warehouse
Bog Oak, board
from  2,800 /cu m wholesale
Вековой Лес, LLC, RU Berlin, DE
The bog oak is unique material and has no analogues. Its formation takes place hundreds of years, and the result is amazing. The bog oak is strength, hardness and nobility. In addition, it is more
Brennholz / Kaminholz
 75-95 /RM wholesale
WoodWork Production, LLC, BY Berlin, DE
Unsere Firma produziert und liefert das Brennholz aus Erle, Espe, Birke, Eiche und Hainbuche. Die wichtigsten Parameter von Brennholz: • Scheitlänge: 33/50±2cm. • Scheitbreite: min. 5cm - max 17cm.
Barbecue Box Grill Kit
 3-5 /pc wholesale
WoodKid, LLC, UA Berlin, DE
GrillKit Einfaches, bequemes und kompaktes Set für die Zubereitung eines Holzkohlengrills Nur 3 einfache Schritte, um GrillKit zu verwenden: 1. Ziehen Sie das Band heraus 2. Entfernen Sie den
Besäumtes Brett
 120 /cu m EXW   
 110-115 /cu m wholesale
Короткевич Э.В., SP, BY Berlin, DE
Produzieren Schneidbrett. Kiefer. Jede Größe ist nach Ihrer Bestellung. Direkter Hersteller. Weißrussisch Wald. Umweltfreundlich. Präsentiere alle Begleitpapiere.
Price not specified
Globalport Espana, SL, ES Berlin, DE
It is a product based on Organic matter resulting from the process of decomposition and transformation of plant material, which acts to increase the microbial activity of the soil, improving its
Price not specified
Женсин, LLC, BY Berlin, DE
Freundliche Tageszeit! Wir freuen uns, Ihnen die Lieferung von Nüssen und getrockneten Früchten (Rosinen, Pflaumen, getrockneten Aprikosen und vielen anderen) aus dem sonnigen Usbekistan anbieten zu
Flow Mach 3 4020 B
 85,000 /pc FCA   
 85,000-84,000 /pc wholesale
ООО Стигнал, LLC, IL Berlin, DE
Working area : X = 4000 mm Y = 2000 mm Z = 160 mm Machine dimension : 5389 X 4500 X 2150 Max pressure : 6000 BAR With cooling sistem Software : Flow Catcher : Stainless Steel Work hours : 3998 !
Decorative lining for pipes (wooden)
 4 /pc EXW
Пробковая Мастерская, PE, UA Berlin, DE
Designed to close technical gaps between radiator tubes (batteries) and floor covering (parquet, parquet and massive board, laminated floors, etc.), as well as for the decorative design of this unit
Apricot kernel
Price not specified
Isfarafood, LLC, TJ Berlin, DE
Apricot kernel - its a natural product. It has a very delicious taste. In our days the scientists have already proved that apricot kernel can be used against cancer. Apricot kernel is a very useful
Oak parquet
Price not specified
Суриков А.Н., SP, RU Berlin, DE
Hello, We offer Oak parquet Size 15x50x250/300/350/400 15x70x280/350/420 Quality: select / natur / rustik / country We can offer you our parquet from the store in Czech Republic
Unique dryer
Price not specified
Hargita Wood, Kft, HU Berlin, DE
Our professional and commercial representation is provided of biomass dryers with outstanding properties. The first dryers put into operation about eight years ago, most of them work in continuous
 200 /t FCA
Grininvestgrup, LLC, BY Berlin, DE
Hefe, die aus technisch reinen Hefekulturen auf einem Substrat aus Kornmaterial aufgewachsen, eine Proteinquelle, Vitaminen und Spurenelementen. Hefe-Protein-Feed verdaulich tierischer Körper durch
Price not specified
Стримлайнсервис, ALC, BY Berlin, DE
Heute liefert unser Unternehmen die Erzeugnisse aus otsilindrovannogo des Holzes in der Rohform. Auf Wunsch des Kunden ist die Imprägnierung Tanalith e3575, III der Klasse, 4,5 kg – 1 M3
Glulam, glued beams
 340 /cu m
Городник, LLC, BY Berlin, DE
Glulam, glued beams, material - pine, spruce, we produce any sizes on request. The maximum size is 200x600 mm, the maximum length is 12000 mm. Products FSC and GL24(h) certified. Products are
Timber edged and not edged from hornbeam
Price not specified
Forest star, LLC, UA Berlin, DE
We produce and supply sawn timber from hornbeam not edging and edging 1-2-3 varieties. The minimum lot is 20 m3. Price, terms of payment and delivery by agreement.
HDPE High Density Polyethylene Granules
Price not specified
Avaco Tulips, GmbH, Berlin
1. Virgin & Recycled 2. Type: Film grade, Injection molding grade, Blowing molding grade, extrusion grade, 3. Pack: 25kg/bag Virgin & Recycled HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE granules 1. we are direct
Textile/Yarn/Trimmings/Accessories made in Italy
 50 /m EXW   
 3-15 /m wholesale
Fadeeva A., DI, IT Berlin, DE
Based on our knowledge of the distribution of warehouses in Tuscany, we are able to provide a great variety of contemporary textiles in stock. Textiles also include famous brands such as Versace,
Aluminiumstange 99,7%
Price not specified
Spezifikation: -Rohstoffe: Aluminium Stangen 450 -Reinheit: 99,9%-99,9% (A7E) (SI: 0,08, Fe: 0,20) -Bestellvolumen: 2,000 mt pro Monat
Frozen chicken feet
 450 /t   
 400-500 /t wholesale
Ess-Food, GmbH, Berlin
We are suppliers of certified halal frozen chicken and we are looking for serious buyers to extend our long term business with customers. our whole chickens are specially hand slaughtered accordingly
Prime Steel Billets for re-rolling
Price not specified
Лозтон Корпорейшн, Corporation, UA Berlin, DE
Hot Rolled and Cast Steel Billets Ukraine/Russia Origin Size: 125x125, 130x130, 150x150 mm, lenth 12000 mm Grade 3-5 SP/PS Any Qty.. FOB Black Sea ports of Ukraine, Russia and MedSea ports of
High-purity Aluminum A5N (99.999%) and A6N (99.9999%)
Price not specified
FAN, LLC, RU Berlin, DE
Sell Aluminum of special purity of brand A5N (99.999%) and A6N (99.9999%), in ingots. Direct contract with the aluminum production plant, Russia. Each ingot in plastic packaging, transport
Price not specified
Xarbi, GmbH, Berlin


Suche Metallbearbeitungsmachinen Wie Drehbank, Drehmaschine, Fräsmaschine, Säulenbohrmaschine, radialbohrmaschine, Blechbearbeitungsmaschinen, Juri Davidovitsch tel/fax. Berlin.
Schranke vom Herstelker
 115-230 /pc wholesale
Пухтий Надежда, SP, UA Berlin, DE
Eine groвe Auswahl an Garderoben des polnischen Herstellers zu einem um 30% niedrigeren Preis als auf dem Markt,
Flagmа* Available in 52 countries